Preliminary Contents for Great Tome Vol. 4 Announced; Corpse Flower Comment

Who can forget THE GREAT TOME OF FORGOTTEN RELICS AND ARTIFACTS, including my own tale of candles and magic, “The Candle Room,” or the subsequent THE GREAT TOME OF DARKEST HORRORS AND UNSPEAKABLE EVILS with “Pavlov’s Dogs”?  Or if that’s not enough, there’s the still forthcoming THE GREAT TOME OF FANTASTIC AND WONDROUS PLACES with my journal of Siberian exploration, “Ice Vermin,” all parts of Bards and Sages Publishing’s GREAT TOMES series (cf. June 9, May 11, 10, et al.).  And now the fourth, THE GREAT TOME OF CRYPTIDS AND LEGENDARY CREATURES is chugging GTv4.21591248_stdalong with another by me, “The Stalker” (see June 23), with a December publication date projected, hopefully well in time for Christmas.

Or to quote from the email :  “We are fairly close to finalizing the line-up for Volume 4 and I have prepared the product page.  I have also attached the cover art for you.  Please feel free to share the news regarding the upcoming anthology as you see fit.”  As noted my story in this is “The Stalker,” about a young geology student and a deadly encounter in a forest.  To see more about the book as a whole, press here.  Or to see even more quickly what other stories will be in the volume, including “[p]lots revolving around the folklore and legends of ‘real world’ cryptids.  Examples include the Jersey Devil, bunyips, chupacabras, kelpies, etc.,” the current contents listing is here:

Hoofquake by CB Droege
Field Study by Tyler Powell
Eleven Essential Items to Bring when Planning Selfies with Bigfoot by Sarina Dorie
The Burryman by Vonnie Winslow Crist
The Stalker by James Dorr
Sutan by Derek Muk
Shapes in the Water by Calvin Demmer
The Ghost of Arriscado Basin by Jon Michael Kelley
Cats in the Cradle by Matthew Smallwood
The Bad, Bad luck of Judson Worley by Rob Munns
The Voice of Thunder by Taylor Harbin
Dark Fin by Mark Charke

Then for other news, there’s an addition to the lore on Wally the Corpse Flower just below (July 31).  In the interest of full disclosure, a body double (courtesy of Wikipedia) was used for the picture shown, but since then I’ve received more information, including a timed series of photographs of the real Wally via the Indiana University Department of Biology.  To see for yourself — including getting a better idea of the size of the thing! — just click on the headline, “Weekend Wrap-Up. . . ,” and scroll down* to the “Comments” section, where the second comment will take you there.


*You may have to scroll through an advertisement first, but that’s WordPress for you.


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