Everywhere Stories Up for Pre-Order; A Strange, Strange Movie

Sunday night saw an announcement from Clifford Garstang that EVERYWHERE STORIES, Volume 2 (see July 13, et al.) has gone to the printer for an expected September 26 publication date.  However it’s open for pre-order now, with a discount available for ordering Volume 1 as well.   Quoting publisher Press 53’s official release:  With a theme of “It’s a Mysterious World,” this exciting addition to the EVERYWHERE STORIES series, edited by award-winning author Clifford Garstang, takes readers on a journey around the globe:  to a wrestling match in TurkeyEverywhere_Stories_Vol_II, to a mysterious eye doctor in Guatelmala, to a homeless man wandering the streets of Chicago, to a religious school in Samoa, to a drowning in Mexico, to a fortune-telling monk in Korea, to a miraculous hotel in Egypt, and to more stories in countries on every continent.

Contributors include Mark Brazaitis (THE RIVER OF LOST VOICES:  STORIES FROM GUATEMALA, winner of the Iowa Short Fiction Award), Chris Cleary (THE RING OF MIDDLETOWN), James Dorr (THE TEARS OF ISIS, a 2014 Bram Stoker Award nominee), Christopher Woods (THE DREAM PATCH), William Kelley Woolfitt (CHARLES OF THE DESERT), plus Hira Cheema, Rijn Collins, Lucinda Nelson Dhavan, John Matthew Fox, Pamela Hartmann, Joel Hodson, Alison Grifa Ismaili, Robert Kostuck, Barbara Krasner, Gabriela Maya, Frances Park, Brandon Patterson, Brooks Rexroat, Candace M. Robertson, and Frank Scozzari.

My story in this is “The Wellmaster’s Daughter,” originally published in ALFRED HITCHCOCK’S MYSTERY MAGAZINE, November 1991 (also reprinted in STRANGE MISTRESSES:  TALES OF WONDER AND ROMANCE, for information on which one may click on its picture in the center column), which takes place in the Sahara Desert in Mali.  Here, however, it appears with four other stories set in Africa and fifteen more elsewhere in the world, each story in a different nation.  For more information or for pre-ordering one may press here.

Also for movie buffs, yesterday’s browsing brought, via Facebook, a piece by Rebekah McKendry on BLUMHOUSE.COM, “Can Viewing this Film Really Make You Go Insane?”  It seems there’s a lost film, allegedly made in 1897 — the year, incidentally, Bram Stoker’s DRACULA was published in England, possibly made by Georges Méliès or, some say, a disciple named Victor Sicarius who (it is also alleged) 4625428080-1050x423was involved in matters of the occult.  But the thing is, according to McKendry, [this] film is a legend because it is rumored to actually cause audiences to go insane, FURY OF THE DEMON from the late 1800s.  At the Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal, I just screened a fantastic documentary called LA RAGE DU DÉMON (a.k.a. FURY OF THE DEMON) about the original film, the legend, the possible filmmaker, and the alleged resurfacing of the cursed movie.  And:  Fast forward to 1939. Tod Browning (the guy who made FREAKS and DRACULA), released a feature called MIRACLES FOR SALE.  When the film screened in New York City, FURY OF DEMON played before hand.  Supposedly, the screening of the short caused the audience to erupt in mass-hysteria.  People ripped their hair out and fought fellow audience members.  It was a bloody, vicious scene.  Eventually, a fire broke out, and six people died in the inflamed theater.  The documentary even interviews some of the audience members from the 1939 screening who recall the madness firsthand.

Interest piqued?  For more, press here.  (And if that’s not enough, a second look at the documentary via IMDb can be found here!)


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