And Now For Something Completely Different: Meet the Musicals

So, yes, I was looking to see if I still had a VHS of MEET THE FEEBLES (on a different shelf, though, from FORBIDDEN ZONE), but while I have the original LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, I may not have the one with the music.  But then I do have REPO:  THE GENETIC OPERA on DVD, underappreciated in my opinion despite the singing of Sarah Brightman in the rolep9673_p_v8_ai of “Blind Mag” (and also starring Paris Hilton as “Amber Sweet”), and a few others noted as well.  So, what’s this about?  An article by Reneysh Vittal on TOR.COM that’s in today’s email, “Where Are the New Cult Musicals?”

Some good, some bad, the piece laments the tameness, of late, of movie musicals, recalling some of the edgier, wackier ones from the past.  There may be reasons, or maybe things just work in cycles where films are concerned — or, as one in the comments section suggested, maybe the problem is we, the audience, have become too jaded.  And perhaps a whisper of hope is expressed at the end, with a list of a few upcoming musical films that may have it in them to become the cult hits of tomorrow.

Or maybe not.  But to judge for yourself, press here.


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