Busy, busy, busy weekend and busy end of the week leading to it.  Saturday’s task is to send changes back to Bards and Sages for my story, “Ice Vermin,” to come in THE GREAT TOME OF FANTASTIC AND WONDGreatTomeV3.125102232_stdROUS PLACES (cf. May 11), Volume 3 in the GREAT TOMES series.  This along with an early meeting of my writers group (usually on the third, not the second Saturday of the month), but for the solitary writer that’s almost more fun than work.

But then this will segue into a second set of proof sheets, this to GrayWhisper Graphics Productions for SINGULAR IRREGULARITY with my story there “The Master of Time” (see May 23, 9, April 27), a tome (to pardon the expression) of time travel gone wrong.  Hopefully this will be finished on Sunday.

And lastly the task I’ve already completed, actually lateish Thursday night in response to a question by Chuck Zaglanis of Elder Signs Press:  a description of ghouls as they appear in TOMBS:  A CHRONICLE OF LATTER-DAY TIMES OF EARTH (cf. July 5, 1, May 23).  Details, details.  I threw in some other beings too, boat-gypsies, necromancers, for these to morph into artist suggestions as the book’s cover begins to take shape.  The book itself is to be a novel-in-stories, scheduled to be out next spring, about a far-future dying Earth and the death-centric culture that starts to arise as the end grows nigh.  But of course there are other concerns as well, as trade, making money, planning funerals, protecting the dead from those who eat corpses, and above all loving.

But more on this one as its own time grows nigh!


  1. This all sounds so exciting, Jim! Enjoy your “break” with writer’s group meeting. You are doubtless the most published and busiest one of them. Stay cool whilst you are proofing!

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