Dusty Pages Tombs Interview Oct. 24? Blurb, More Questions Previewed

We have a go for our DUSTY PAGES interview (see July 1, June 28), conducted by British Blogger and generally neat question maker-upper Sonnet O’Dell, and a tentative date of Monday, October 24.  My answers got in in time to be scheduled even earlier but, with Halloween in the offing, I’d wondered if that date might be available instead.  Well . . . no.  Not surprisingly Sonnet likes to do something special herself on All Hallows E’en, but how about a week earlier?  And so, Halloween being on Monday as well, look for an announcement here just before the last week in October, that interview time will be in the near future.

As for neat questions, I’ve already mentioned the one about the duck and the bar.  For another,  I quote verbatim:  “Glass half full or half empty?”  The answer is kind of obvious, actually, if you think about it, but in order to see for  yourself, well, check back here on October 24.  And it’s not just for that one but for the important questions too, the ones about my new novel-in-stories, TOMBS:  A CHRONICLE OF LATTER-DAY TIMES OF EARTH, such as “Why did you want to write this book?”  And of course the opening, “Tell me about your upcoming. . . .”

All these and more will be unveiled a week before the end of October — including a brand new blurb for the novel, complete with a quote, composed especially for the occasion (but possibly sneak previewed on these pages a little bit earlier, possibly in the dog days of August when temperatures rise high, higher than summers remembered before, as they might well do on a dying, exhausted planet as well, even the sun growing red in its old age . . . as in, that is . . .  the world of the TOMBS).

And as for the novel itself, it’s expected to follow from Elder Signs Press next spring.


  1. I’m feeling hot and exhausted just reading about it!

  2. Hi Marge, it’s been a long hot weekend all around (Wednesday got her new collar Monday too!). Sounds like a time to find a nice, cool bar and order whatever the duck’s having.

    • Ha ha! Would that be a drink called “Cold Duck”? I think that’s the name. I didn’t know it had alcohol in it when I was in art school, and a friend’s uncle had it in his fridge so I drank it on a hot night while finishing up some art assignments in college. I wondered why it wasn’t that great the next day. LOL!

  3. Good to know Wednesday is doing well with her new, imported from France, flea collar!

    • Actually what the duck ordered wouldn’t be that cooling (though traditionally it might come with an ice water chaser). But we’ll have to wait till October to know exactly what 😉 Wednesday (who has just headed to the bedroom following her evening treat) is doing well with her French designer collar, which I also made a tiny bit looser than the vet’s assistant had last year.

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