Darkest Horrors, Unspeakable Evils Arrive Just in Time for Fourth if July; Just When You Thought It Was Safe. . . .

Even if it was a Sunday, Amazon Fulfillment Services came through with the second in Bards and Sages’s GREAT TOMES series (cf. June 23, et al.).  Yes, staring out of my mailbox with baleful eye (or surely so had it not been confined to its sealed padded envelope) was the book, the second volume, THE GREAT TOME OF DARKEST HORRORS AND UNSPEAKABLE EVILS (June 9, March 4).  “Plots revolving around monsters, evil aliens, or otherworldly entities. . .” the guidelines had said.  “For purposes of this anthology, the monster or entity must be a wholly original concept to the story and not based on an existing New Image‘real world’ legend.”  And here it was, another eleven stories*, edited as had been Volume 1 by Julie Ann Dawson, including my tale of “Pavlov’s Dogs,” third from the end in its unholy lineup.

Pavlov’s dogs, yes, based on the famous canines trained to respond to bells, in this case with a young man with ambition determined to show that people, too, can be similarly responsive.  And who as well has a girlfriend, but one less interested in the sciences.  So where’s the dark horror and/or unspeakable evil in that, one might ask?  Well . . . the book can be found on Amazon by pressing here.

But that’s not all for this Fourth of July.  Not nearly all.  Forgotten Relics and Artifacts. . .  Darkest Horrors and Unspeakable Evils. . .  Fantastic and Wondrous Places. . .  Cryptids and Legendary Creatures. . .  Yes, we have braved them all, the four GREAT TOMES, two still to be published but we have had forewarning.  So, just when we had begun to think it was safe . . . a perusal  of the final pages of Volume 2 reveals there are now two more GREAT TOMES to come:  THE GREAT TOME OF DRAGONS AND DRACONIC LORE (“Plots revolving around dragons and dragonkin creatures”) and THE GREAT TOME OF MAGICIANS, NECROMANCERS, AND MYSTICS (“Fictional accounts of historic or legendary magic users, such as Merlin, Rasputin, Medea, Marie Laveau, etc.”).

More information on all of these can be found in the guidelines by pressing here.

*The sharp-eyed reader will notice the contents page in the book shows only ten titles, excluding the “Introduction,” “About the Authors,” and “The Great Tome Series” at the end, yet Amazon’s listing (as well as the book’s own back cover) insists on eleven.  To escape this devilish trap with one’s sanity intact, turn to page 48.


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