Bonjour Aimée! Flightless Rats One of Ten Short Sips of Mocha’s Dark Brew

February is Women in Horror Month, and we here at Mocha Memoirs Press love our ladies of horror!

In celebration of “Ghoul Power,” we hosted a Flash Fiction Contest.

This collection contains the bone-chilling stories from the top ten finalists.

So says the announcement from Mocha Memoirs Press for their Women in Horror Month Flash Fiction Contest chapbook (cf. June 21, 8, February 23, et al.), now titled MOCHA’S DARK BREW.  At least for the present, the book can be bought on Createspace only for a THUMBNAIL_IMAGEmere $3.00 — but, buyer beware, a shipping cost of slightly more than that will be required too.  Nevertheless, while most definitely a proverbial “thin volume,” what wonderful stuffers for Halloween stockings!  Or handing out for tricks and treats?  Or even for gifties for next February’s Women in Horror Month, maybe combined with Valentine’s day too.

For all that, my entry in this self-styled “micro-anthology” is a tale of the vampiress Aimée on a post-concert night in 19th century New Orleans, originally published in T. GENE DAVIS’S SPECULATIVE BLOG (see January 12 2015).  Arrived in the city slightly more than a century before, from time to time she finds herself between husbands — but, as for anyone, dates sometimes go wrong.  And now, in “Flightless Rats,” what happens next can be tasted again with nine other finalist stories, all fine bitter spoonfuls of horror delight in a truly dark brew, for information/ordering of which one may press here.


  1. Bon voyage, Aimee! YAY!

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