It’s About Time Anthology Open for Deep Discount Pre-Order

IT’S ABOUT TIME.  The guidelines had asked, “[w]hen you hear that phrase, what comes to your mind?  A parent or a spouse, arms crossed, foot tapping, watching as someone sneaks in at night?  Or do you see a calendar, its days or weeks flapping.  Maybe you see time extending into an imagined future, something yet to be understood or experienced.”  And so, we may recall from last year (cf. November 12, Cvr_AboutTime_bookstore-200x300September 14), I submitted and subsequently had accepted a curious tale called “Curious Eyes,” a reprint story originally published in THE FICTION PRIMER in December 1988.  A love story, really, of a lonely night in a local bar made suddenly brighter in ways unexpected, but having to do with time machines, field trips, and future students.

But time has now passed and (dare one say it) IT’S ABOUT TIME:  “The collection has been made available,” according to publisher Main Street Rag, “for Advance Sale on the MSR Online Bookstore.  . . .  The cover price that will appear on the book will be $15.95.  For the Advance Sale period, it can be ordered from the MSR Online Bookstore for $8.50 + sales tax (if the buyer is in NC) + shipping.”  The announcement adds that the approximate release date is listed as October 2016, but “will be refined as it draws closer.”  Also, “the discount price may be discontinued at any time.  We usually cancel the discount price about 2 weeks ahead of release date”.

The publisher stresses that this discount applies only to advance orders made directly through their online bookstore and paid via PayPal (check or credit cards can be accepted as well, but at a special flat rate of $12.50 per copy).  Again the base cost is only $8.50 with sales tax (if any) and shipping calculated by the processor to give a total before you actually pay, including such things as discounts on shipping for multiple orders.  Or, quoting Main Street Rag directly again:  “The online advance sale price is $8.50 + shipping (about $3.60), but check or credit card rate will be $12.50/each.”

Which is to say, it’s not really that complicated at all.  Or, for more information and/or to advance order, one need but press here.


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