Tombs Details Revealed in Dusty Pages Interview this Fall? Date to Be Set After Answers are In

The word came yesterday from British blogger Sonnet O’Dell that she’ll be seeking interviewees for her DUSTY PAGES “Meet a Writer Monday” feature from September through the end of the year.  As long-time readers of this blog may know, Sonnet and I are not strangers either, so I replied quickly:  “We’ve met before, most recently last August, I believe, with my latest book then my collection THE TEARS OF ISIS.  I would love to do a new interview (and, I might add, your questions are neat — I still remember the mouse-sized elephants vs. the elephant-sized mouse!).  As it happens, I’ve recently signed the contract for a new book, a novel-in-stories called TOMBS:  A CHRONICLE OF LATTER-DAY Dusty Pages Banner 2TIMES OF EARTH, scheduled for next spring from Elder Signs Press which would make this fall an excellent time for an interview/preview too!  Perhaps in October, a week or two before Halloween?”

And so today the reply has come, with a set of 50 questions from which I’m to select 10 or 15 to answer (I already know what I can say for “Who was your first crush?”), the exact date to be determined however by the order in which answers, etc., are sent back.  Fair enough, although with the recent flurry of things noted in the past week, mine may push me farther back in the queue.  But that’s fair enough too.  The real point is that this is an opportunity to present some early info — a teaser of sorts — about TOMBS to whet potential reader appetites (or so one may hope!).

As mentioned, Sonnet has interviewed me the previous few years, notably on August 17 2015, June 2 2014 (which included the “mouse/elephant” question alluded to above, the gist of which was whether it’s better to be trampled by hundreds of tiny pachyderms or one very plus-sized rodent), and July 29 2013, as posted on those dates below as well, but, alas, the links there to the actual interviews are long since dead.  However, one may still read the 2015 interview for oneself in the DUSTY PAGES archives by pressing here.  It may be possible in fact to dig even more deeply into the archives, perhaps as far back as to 2013, but let’s let that be an exercise for those who wish to explore as they will.


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