Two Poems Accepted by Alban Lake; Terror Tree Pun Book Limps in From UK

And for poetry. . . .  Well, I really don’t market poetry as much as I should, but this time I did.  So, having dispatched a group of five poems mostly on subjects involving teeth to the Alban Lake family of magazines, the reply came Tuesday from Editor Tyree Campbell:  “Of these, I’ll take two.  ‘Her First Time’ in the Nov 2016 BLOODBOND and ‘Zombie’ in the Dec 2016 DISTURBED.  In each case you’ll receive payment with your contributor’s copy.”  “Zombie,” fully titled “Zombie Trouble?” is sort of a mock sales pitch from a hypothetical pest control company, pointing out first the disturbances zombies are likely to cause the average household and, then, what the company will do about them.  “Her First Time,” on the other hand, is more straightforward, detailing the joyous experience a newly made vampiress receives when imbibing her first blood dinner (and never mind the cleaning bill for that ruined gown).

Summer solstice, June 20, Monday, and still catching up!  Yes the poetry was Tuesday, but what a flurry of activity the beginning of this summer has brought.  The revelation of — count ‘em! — two reprint mystery acceptances.  Also technically Monday though not read till Tuesday, the “Flightless Rats” proof sheets.  And also, posted today because there wasn’t room to do it before, but also punbookofhorror1received late Monday afternoon — and eleven months after its official British publishing date (see July 7 2015, et al.), the appearance in the Computer Cave’s non-electronic mailbox of KnightWatch Press’s TERROR TREE PUN BOOK OF HORROR STORIES.  The writing life, yes, these things do happen — and kudos to early EditorTheresa Derwin for rounding the copies up and getting them out.

But all’s well that ends well, my story in this being in a semi-prominent second-from last position (these being the stories the readers remember after the book has been put away), “Olé Bubba and the Forty Steves.”  Originally published in INTERNATIONAL HOUSE OF BUBBAS (Yard Dog Press, 2005), “Olé Bubba” is a light-hearted tale of yuppified zombies, non-zombie good ol’ boys, bodily processes, and the running of the bulls in Pamplona Spain.


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