Now All Can Be Told: The “Mystery” Acceptances of Monday and Tuesday Last Week Unveiled!

Quotation marks — do I sense a pun?  But first let us repair to the wayback machine for a journey to June 21 2015, “Now It Can Be Told. . . .” (cf., as well, November 4, August 7, et al.), where it was revealed that my reprint story from GOTHIC GHOSTS, “Victorians,” had been accepted for an omnibus volume of unworldly imaginings, both old and new, called CHILLING GHOST SHORT STORIES, to come out in Britain in a deluxe edition by Flame Tree Publishing.  In this case, neatly sandwiched between tales by luminaries Charles Dickens (“The Signal-Man”) and 09_flame_tree_chilling_ghosts-1Arthur Conan Doyle (“The New Catacomb”).   And then to fast forward where we now discover that Editor Gillian Whitaker is at it again.

Two titles were announced this time out, CRIME AND MYSTERY (to “feature whodunits, detective stories and mysteries bordering on the supernatural.  Probably the more gentle of the two volumes so think Sherlock Holmes, Father Brown and Poirot”) and MURDER MAYHEM (“more hard boiled and hard gore.  If your story features real monsters, human, serial killer or otherwise, this is the home for them, especially if the story’s POV is the killer’s”).  Ah, now, I thought. . . .  And so I submitted a total of three stories, actually (we were allowed to do that), two for the MURDER MAYHEM selection lest my favorite of them prove too extreme (good news:  it didn’t).  Then Monday and Tuesday last week the word came back, first for MURDER MAYHEM, then the next day for CRIME AND MYSTERY, but with the request that successful submitters hold off announcing the fact until all authors had had a chance to be informed.

So . . . to cop a cliché, now it can be told!  For MURDER MAYHEM my dog in the dogpile will be “Mr. Happy Head,” originally published in WICKED MYSTIC for Spring 1996 (and also reprinted and noted in the pages here in BIZARRO BIZARRO, cf. December 27, October 12, October 7 2013), about a dead man who’s still very persuasive and . . . birds.  For CRIME AND MYSTERY “Paperboxing Art,” originally seen in the Summer 1997 issue of NEW MYSTERY and subsequently an Anthony Award short story finalist at Bouchercon the following year, about an artist whose skill is in sculpting (wait for it!) paper boxes (and also reprinted in my collection DARKER LOVES:  TALES OF MYSTERY AND REGRET, for more on which one can click on its picture in the center column).

The expected publication date for both of these is August 2016, of which more will appear here as it becomes known.


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