Blurring the Line Available Now in Print Edition

On a weekend marred by real-life terror in Orlando Florida, perhaps there was a bit of prescience in Editor Marty Young’s request Friday evening for address updates for authors’ copies of BLURRING THE LINE.  BLURRING THE LINE is the Australian anthology (cf. December 3, November 26 2015, et al.) that asks the question of when fiction starts and reality ends.  Where, precisely, may that line be drawn.  But various other realities forced changes in the book’s publication schedule, the electronic version being released way back in late November last year, the printed book only available now (Sunday, although being fair, it might have come up as early as yesterday).  Don’t believe me?  Check it out on Amazon here.  Though in fairness too, all has not been idle during the interim, blurringthelineBLURRING THE LINE also recently winning an Australian Shadows Award for best anthology, not to mention having extremely good sales in its Kindle edition!

My offering in this one (on a day when it’s ninety-plus degrees outside with a summer thunderstorm just coming up) is a Christmas tale of young Dickensian witch hunters in London called “The Good Work.”  Could it really have happened?  Well maybe, maybe not, but there are claims at least that those caroling urchins we see in the movies, so cute, so sweet, so out of tune, may have actually been running an extortion racket.

And then one thing more:  It’s not easy to find in printable form, but I finally have a list of the contents of BLURRING THE LINE, with some powerful names including the late Tom Piccirilli (to whom the volume is dedicated), for which see below.


Blurring The Line

Introduction – Marty Young
“Our Doom is Nigh” – Tom Piccirilli
Blurring the Line (non-fiction)
“Woolen Shirts and Gum Boots” – Lisa Morton
“Clown’s Kiss” – Tim Lebbon
Seeing is Believing (non-fiction)
“Empty Cars” – Lia Swope Mitchell
“How Father Bryant Saw the Light” – Alan Baxter
Candlelight and Circles (non-fiction)
“The Good Work” – James Dorr
“Fearful Asymmetries” – Peter Hagelslag
Big Brother is Watching (and Predicting) You (non-fiction)
“1-2-3 Red Light” – Gregory L. Norris
“Miskatonic Schrödinger” – Steven Lloyd Wilson
Monsters Don’t Exist (non-fiction)
“Old Green Eyes” – James A Moore
“A Peripheral Vision Sort of Friend” – Alex C. Renwick
The Undiscovered Supernatural (non-fiction)
“Consorting with Filth” – Lisa Hannett
“Hoarder” – Kealan Patrick Burke
Human Monsters (non-fiction)
“With These Hands” – Brett McBean
“The Body Finder” – Kaaron Warren
Building Frankenstein’s Monster (non-fiction)
What’s A Monster without Resurrection? (non-fiction)
“Salt on the Tongue” – Paul Mannering
“Every Time You Say I Love You” – Charles L Grant
“Honey” – Annie Neugebauer
The Voices Told Me To Do It (non-fiction)
“Distorted and Holy Desire” – Patricia J. Esposito
“Nita Kula” – Rena Mason


(The book also begins and ends with two Biblical quotations, from DEUTERONOMY 28 and LEVITICUS 26 respectively.)


  1. Prestigious company, Jim! kudos!! Looks like a keeper, to me –and for sure, a “must read”!

  2. Marge, thanks! Of course, I’m one of those listed on the cover, etc., as “and Many Others” but we know how that goes, don’t we? 😉

  3. I mean, James S. Manly Others. Since I’m Ann Mary Others. (groan)

  4. Or if I were involved in the manual trades, I could be Handyman Others (sigh)

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