As Good as Gold (Corrections, Corrections); Singular Irregularity Kickstarter Meets First Goal, August Release a “Go”

I know, I know.  “Gold” is the story’s title, slated for publication in Alessandro Manzetti’s anthology THE BEAUTY OF DEATH (see May 28, April 19, January 23) later on this month.  A story of greed and too great a love for the yellow metal, but is it death this H. Rider Haggardish tale will bring, or a kind of godhood, of immortality in its way?  And to keep it on schedule, yesterday brought the proof copy with final editorial changes, in this case mostly tiny grammatical touchings up; tonight will send the email back with perhaps one change plus one additional tweak my reading discovered as well.

Then, speaking of greed, today brought news from Editor Kimber Grey that the kickstarter for SINGULAR IRREGULARITY, “An Anthology About Time Travel Gone Terribly Wrong” (cf. May 23timetravel1, et al.), has reached its first goal more than a day before its Wednesday morning close.  Thus authors will be paid, at least semi-pro wages, and all appears to be still on schedule for an early August GenCon premiere.  But that isn’t all — there are still “stretch goals,” with more money raised to help raise author rates, and the initial run doesn’t end itself until, officially, June 8 at 7:37 a.m. PDT.  And that’s even later, at 10:37 a.m., here in Indiana with our “double daylight” Eastern (New York) time.

To check out the details and perhaps pre-order, the kickstarter page can be reached here.  My story in this by the way is “The Master of Time,” a clockworkpunk musing, if one will, in which time itself is in danger of stopping.

And if one is interested also in a link to THE BEAUTY OF DEATH, well, it all seems to be a deep, dark secret — which may be appropriate given the subject — until the official announcement comes out.  But when that happens, look for more here.

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