Beauty of Death Final Table of Contents, New Cover Revealed

The release date, also, should be in June, or so said this morning’s Facebook announcement.  The anthology, Alessandro Manzetti’s THE BEAUTY OF DEATH (cf. April 19, January 23), and the story, my H. Rider Haggardesque (sort of) “Gold,” printed here for the first time.  Elections are coming — shall we vote for greed?  Or at least the story pertains to greed, and how one with that to spare but little money did something about it.

So herewith the contents (look for me seventeen places down, a tad over a third of the way down the contents) as well as a whole new cover design.  Enjoy, enjoy!


Blue Rose by Peter Straub
Above the World by Ramsey Campbell
In the Garden by Lisa Morton
Bleeding Rainbows by Shane McKenzie
Finding Water to Catch Fire by Linda D Addison
Mulholland Moonshine by John Palisano
Calcutta, Lord of Nerves by Poppy Z. Brite/Billy Martin
This is how we learn by John SkippBeautyOfDeath2
White Trash Gothic by Edward Lee
12 by Gene O’Neill
Metamorphic Apotheosis by Rena Mason
Breaking Up by ‘Monica J. O’Rourke
The Dark River in His Flesh by Maria Alexander
Fathomless Tides by Tim Waggoner
Every Ghost Story Is A Ghost Story by Nick Mamatas
Cold Finale by Bruce Boston & Marge Simon
Gold by James Dorr
Season’s End by Colleen Anderson
Alley Oops by Del Howison
The Bitches of Madison County by John F.D. Taff
No place like home by JG Faherty
Rotten Apples by John Claude Smith
In Frigore Veritas by K Trap Jones
Dearly Beloved by Ron Breznay
How to make love and not turn to stone by Daniel Braum
Candy by Paolo Di Orazio
Contractions by Kevin David Anderson
Building Comdemned by Adrian Ludens
Professor Aligi’s Puppets by Nicola Lombardi
By the River She Wakes by Erinn Kemper
The Office by Kevin Lucia
The Carp-Faced boy by Thersa Matsuura
The Captain by Stefano Fantelli
Blacker Against the Deep Dark by Alexander Zelenyj
Larrie’s Tapes by Gigi Brigante Musolino
Game by Daniele Bonfanti
The I of the Beholder by Kathy Ptacek
Vestige by Annie Neugebauer Tilton
Kozmic Blues by Alessandro Manzetti
The Lady with the Stick by Simonetta Santamaria
Black-Eyed Susan by Mike Lester

  1. Note your name and Bruce’s appear on the cover along with many others but mine does not (it was a collaboration, and the only one). I guess I am “And Many Others”. He’s got Names in this collection and it promises to be excellent! Go, us!

  2. Oh wait! Your name is missing from the front cover too! GEEZ!!!!!!!!!!! dammit

  3. Hi Marge, yes, I think my name was on the cover in an earlier design, but disappeared on this new one. Oh, well, it’s the stories that count and, as you say, there are a lot of classy names in this one, whether on cover or not.

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