First of Great Tomes Volumes Arrives via FedEx; Everywhere Stories Vol. 2 Production Ahead of Schedule

The Great Tome of Forgotten Relics and Artifacts, volume one of The Great Tome Series, presents fifteen tales of cursed relics, ancient artifacts, magical items, and alien devices.  In this volume:  The Candle Room by James S. Dorr The Heart of Irelda by Jeff Sullins Her Long Hair Shining by Simon Kewin Digging for Paradise by Ian Creasey Light Bringer by Deborah Walker The Nimrod Lexicon by Taylor Harbin Life Sentence by Miranda Stewart The Shepherd by CB Droege The Rightful GTVol1.3385958_stdOwner by Linda Tyler The Head of John the Baptist by G. Miki Hayden The Binding Agent by Douglas J. Ogurek Seamus Tripp and the Golden Plates by Richard Walsh and Jon Garrett Oracle at Delphi Street by Jon Etter Special Collections by Jon Etter The Djinn at the Wheel by Kathy L. Brown.

So Amazon tells us, dating the book’s publication as March 15.  But for eldritch reasons, unfathomable to ordinary mortals (but having to do with mysterious returns through the postal system), some authors never received their copies, I among them.  To the publishers’ credit, however, they got on top of it and finally, with special shipping via Federal Express, THE GREAT TOME OF FORGOTTEN RELICS AND ARTIFACTS bounced onto my front porch yesterday afternoon.  My story in it (see March 28, 16 et al.), originally published in TERMINAL FRIGHT as well as in THE TEARS OF ISIS, is already noted in the quotation above.  Suffice to say I checked it out first, fourth in the lineup on page 107 — while the book itself can be ordered from Amazon by pressing here.  (Also as a preview, Amazon tells us the second GREAT TOME is expected, on Kindle at least, to be available June 24.)

Then also on Monday afternoon an email came from Editor Cliff Gerstang to the effect that EVERYWHERE STORIES, VOLUME 2 (cf. April 1, February 29), reprinting my tale of “The Wellmaster’s Daughter,” is coming along ahead of schedule — at least so far!  Such is the biz, some things get delayed, others pop up unexpectedly early.  In any event other items were listed, cover design, galley proofs, possible launch events, leading to a hoped for release ahead of its current October target.


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