Time Travel Misfortune Kickstarter Goes Live — To Be Out August?

The target is GenCon in Indianapolis for its coming out party, August 4-7 2016.  The item, the upcoming “time travel gone terribly wrong” anthology SINGULAR IRREGULARITY, from GrayWhisper Graphics Productions (see April 27).  The story by me, “The Master of Time,” originally published in FANTASTIC STORIES for Summer 2002 as well as in my second collection DARKER LOVES:  TALES OF MYSTERY AND REGRET, a magical steampunkish tale of how timetravel4CharlieChaplintime nearly came to a stop.  But this is an anthology chock full of time-based stories — if you like one, you should like ’em all! — and now there’s a chance to get in on the ground floor.

It’s kickstarter time, with more information about the book including mini author biographies as well as teasers for all the stories and, to the point, with opportunities for loot and prizes for those who pledge to purchase early.  And for a good cause, to wit, for paying the authors (such as *ahem* me) all the more the more support is gained.  To see for oneself one need but press here.

To give Editor Kimber Grey the last word, “The bottom line:  this book is more than just one person’s dream, it’s a collaborative effort of more than twenty talented writers, and it is something I feel the world needs.  It is hard science, soft fiction, humor, and horror all folded into one masterpiece.  I have thoroughly enjoyed working with these authors and reading their stories, and I’m sure you will, too.”


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