Reel Dark Re-Screened: New Cover, Expanded Table of Contents Announced

Remember REEL DARK (cf. November 15, May 4 2015, et al.)?  The book of “twisted tales projected not on a movie screen but on the page,” that premiered at World Horror Convention 2015 (cf. May 10, 11, 12), edited by L. Andrew Cooper and Pamela Turner.  Take a moment.  The one with my story “Marcie and Her Sisters,” about the love between sisters . . . and zombies?

Well, as they say, it’s ba-a-a-ack, and not only that but with a new dress and a few extra stories!  Let’s let Editor Cooper tell us in his words:  “Get ready to be shocked out of your seat.  After a limited release in 2015, Reel Dark is back in 2016 with this stunning new cover by Aaron Drown Design and two new tales, Michael West’s sojourn into apocalyptic soundscapes ‘Ave Satani’ and Alexander S. Brown’s love-song to ReelDarkFront800X1200late-night horror-hosts ‘Grotessa.’  In all, it’s a collection of twenty authors who in prose and poetry combine elements from across genres — horror, sci-fi, and noir, of course, but also the western, comedy, and others — in order to show us the mayhem the movies might work on the world.”

More information as it becomes known.  But for now, here’s the new, expanded, rearranged ToC:

Russ Bickerstaff, “24 per second: Persistence of Fission”
Hal Bodner, “Whatever Happened to Peggy… Who?”
Alexander S. Brown, “Grotessa”
James Chambers, “The Monster with My Fist for Its Head”
L. Andrew Cooper, “Leer Reel”
James Dorr, “Marcie and Her Sisters”
Sean Eads, “The Dreamist”
JG Faherty, “Things Forgotten”
Amy Grech, “Dead Eye”
Jude-Marie Green, “The Queen of the Death Scenes”
Karen Head, “Amnesia”
Jay Seate, “It’s a Wrap”
Caroline Shriner-Wunn, “Confessions of a Lady of a Certain Age” and more poetry throughout the book!
Rose Streif, “Caligarisme”
Sean Taylor, “And So She Asked Again,”
Pamela Turner, “Rival”
Jason S. Walters, “Low Midnight”
Mike Watt, “Copper Slips Between the Frames”
Michael West, “Ave Satani”
Jay Wilburn, “Cigarette Burns”


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