For Ecological Vampires: Solar-Powering the Mausoleum Past Midnight ‘Til Dawn?

A lovely mid-April day today, the sun bright and warm after an at-best mixed spring.  And the Weather Channel says more is to come through most of next week!  But what of the vampires?  Will they be doomed to ever-shortening nights, fearful to go out in the sun by day?  Or is there a way to bring the sun’s power inside, even into one’s coffin, for power not only by day but night as well?

Enter Jarad Jones on UPWORTHY.COM with the latest in scientific prowess in “How Do You Power a Solar Panel Without Sunlight?  These Scientists Have an Awesome Answer.”  But let’s hear a bit from the horse’s own mouth:

Yes, the cumulonimbus cloud is truly the kryptonite to the solar panel’s Superman. . . . 

For some areas of the world, the push toward clean, renewable solar energy has faced an uphill battle due largely to climate constraints and regional weather patterns.  With environmental experts predicting that solar energy could account for two-thirds of all new energy generated in the next 25 years, these areas are increasingly at risk for missing out on this largely untapped goldmine.


Scientists from China just unveiled an “all weather solar cell” that could turn even gloomy weather into glorious electricity by generating energy from raindrops. . . .

And that isn’t all!  Scientists at Binghampton University’s Thomas J. Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science in New York have suggested a second method of harnessing the sun, even at night, by using bacteria.  But for the rest, it’s time to read the whole article for oneself by pressing here.

Now, what will science offer to do with the moon for year-round werewolfing?


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