Some Italian, Some Turkish, Lots of Roger Corman: 25 “Rip-Off” Films Just for Fun

Those who know the name Roger Corman (cf. September 28 2015, et al.; also March 30 2014) probably know where this one is going.  PIRANHA, BATTLE BEYOND THE STARS, GALAXY OF TERROR — low-budget adaptations based in this case on, respectively, JAWS, STAR WARS, ALIENS, and many many more.  But let’s let compiler Paul J. VanTassle explain:

Anytime that a movie gets released and is popular or a huge success, some smaller studio is StarAlligatorgoing to try and take advantage of that success and release its own movie that is somewhat similar.  It has happened throughout cinematic history but wasn’t more prevalent than during the drive-in, exploitation, and VHS rental craze.

Low-budget producers in the United States and around the globe were churning out their own versions of popular American films.  Some of these took just a core theme from its popular source; some marketed it with a similar sounding title and similar looking movie poster, some actually lifted footage and music from its original source, some stole licensed characters, and some were almost shot for shot from the original.

The films on this list mostly focus on the period from the 1970’s and 1980’s, when exploitation cinema and the video rental market were at its strongest.  Some are decent B-movies, some are bad, and some are awesome because of how bad they are.

VanTassle adds that this is not by any means inclusive, nor even necessarily the best — so many abound, who could even count Starcrash-1978them? — but I’ll add that I’ve marked about eight (that is, that I haven’t seen already) that seem worth checking out further.  The article:  “25 Great Cult Films that Are Rip-Offs of Popular Movies” on TASTE OF CINEMA, brought to my attention courtesy of Mike Olson via ON THE EDGE CINEMA, for which one may press here.


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