April’s First Sunday Prose Ends with Tiny Fairy Tale; The Experience of Death

‘Twas that time again, the first Sunday of the month and the Bloomington Writer’s Guild “First Sunday Prose Readings and Open Mic,” held in conjunction with Boxcar Books.  Featured readers were Indiana native Charles Culp with an excerpt from “a story that takes place between the Ohio and the Wabash,” BETWEEN THE LINES; Anne Cabe with a poem to recognize National Poetry Month, “Hungry Witches,” a flash prose piece, and excerpts from a longer story, “Talk to Me”; and Frida Westford with a period fantasy story, “The Third Raven,” followed by a poem about dragons.  After the break there were four walk-on readers, with me batting cleanup with a 75-word all-dialogue take on fairy tales, “As Fine As Frogs’ Hair,” originally published in MISCELLANEA:  A TRANSDIMENSIONAL LIBRARY  (see November 14 2013, et al.).

Also, briefly, while perusing my email etc. just prior to Sunday afternoon’s readings,  through luck and blunder I came upon, from BBC.COM/FUTURE, “The Seven Ways to Have a Near-Death Experience” by Rachel Nuwer.  It seems there has been some serious research on this kind of thing, with resuscitated patients reporting a variety of experiences while they were technically dead, which generally fall into seven categories, some pleasant, some fearful.  Details can be found by pressing here.


  1. I read the article. I was curious because when I had an almost fatal experience with pneumonia, in hospital on oxygen –I was in a two week coma and was told that they almost lost me at the end; I can remember sequential parts of the coma and coming close –very close to death but I’m not absolutely sure about seeing a tunnel with a light at the end. My “dreams” were generally horrifying, taking place at various points in history, past present and future. I know the why of some because my lungs were full and I was dying –very painfully. But I was young, and I had reason to live –a strong reason. So I returned!

  2. I’m certainly glad you did! By their charting, then, your dreams would have been in the Fear and/or the Violence and Persecution category?

    • Definitely –but at the end, a vivid dream of a king and queen of Egypt on a balcony far above a throng assembled and the queen asked me if I wanted to live and why. I said “Yes, because I’m not finished yet!” And all was a glory of sunlight as she nodded. Then I came out of the coma. SO…where does that put me?

  3. (Quickly he looks up the article again) Yes, #3, Bright Light”! A good answer to the queen too, I might add.

    • And I don’t know where in my subconscious this scene could have originated. What is most baffling is that the entire coma seemed to focus on certain scenario’s, like Denver race riots and fires (I identified it as Denver).

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