The Easter Eve Movie Guide: Donnie Darko

Time travel maybe, a “slip” in time, or demonic possession, or simply a certified non-reliable narrator?  Donnie, after all, not only has problems getting along with his family, not to mention school, but is seeing a psychiatrist on a regular basis.  What’s a teen to do?  He does have a girlfriend or, rather, gets one as the film progresses, but one who has problems of her own.  And what does all that have to do with Easter?

Well, Donnie also has an imaginary friend named Frank who appears and advises him from time to time.  An ordinary fellow teenager in 220px-Donnie_Darko_postera way, except that Frank’s head is the head of a hideous silver bunny.

And then there’s ex-nun Roberta Sparrow’s THE PHILOSOPHY OF TIME TRAVEL which states that when a “Tangent Universe” has occurred — a temporary vortex connecting the one we live in with an alternate timeline — the first sign may be an Artifact which will be formed of metal.  But one that others will see, or even be killed by, as well, historically often attributed to Divine Intervention — examples include a legend of a Mayan killed by an arrowhead that fell from a cliff, but with no enemy around, or a medieval knight “impaled by the sword he had not yet built.”*  The extras with the DVD, by the way, include selected pages of Sparrow’s book (which Donnie has gotten a copy of too from his school’s science teacher about halfway through) which is worth looking at in trying to figure out What’s Going On?!??

But let the blurb on the DVD case attempt.  DONNIE DARKO is an edgy psychological thriller about a suburban teen coming face-to-face with his dark destiny  . . .  a delusional high school student visited by a demonic rabbit with eerie visions of the past and deadly predictions for the future.  I myself might call it surrealism, at least in part, with possible intimations of God, if there is a God, and supernatural/natural relations.  It’s well done, in my opinion, and the kind of movie that I enjoy.  The kind that is worth looking through the “extras,” and looking at itself at least a second time.

But with the understanding that, even then, the question of “What’s Going On” may still not be completely answered.

*No mere silvery bunny-mask in this case, or even an arrow or not-yet-forged sword, the Artifact here will most definitely be noticed by practically the whole town.  Just watch the film — I guarantee it!


  1. HA! I think I did actually see & remember Donny Darko. What a hoot for an Easter movie!

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