Read an Ebook Week Sales Offered through Saturday

Untreed Reads Publishing has noted that in addition to their own March sale (see March 1, February 28), there are two others that might be of interest in terms of tales by me.  The occasion is “Read an Ebook Week” (yes, this is the first I’ve heard of it too!) which runs from yesterday, Sunday March 6th, to Saturday the 12th, and one participant is, whose specialty tends to be science fiction and horror.  So check out their site for bargain prices on two Untreed Reads chapbooks, the Christmas horror tale I’M DREAMING OF A. . . . and the near-future, dystopian sf novelette PEDS.  This one, IDOA_SMincidentally, is for the whole month though, through March 31st, just like Untreed Reads’s own sale and you might want to compare their discounts too by pressing the pictures in the center column just to make sure you’re getting the best price.

And then for the other, this one ending the 12th, the rules seem a bit complicated to me so I’ll quote directly from Untreed Reads’s email:  25-50% off depending on how long a title has been out.  A few titles are 75% off if they’ve been out a significant amount of time.  No titles are being given away for free and any title priced at $0.99 is not discounted.  Purchasers have to enter a coupon code to get the discounted price during checkout.  Since a coupon code is required to get the lower price, there are no price matching issues between Smashwords and Amazon.

I don’t have a Smashwords account myself and, lacking that, have no idea where I would find their coupon code, but those more sophisticated than I no doubt know its secret.  I did run a search myself for my titles and ended up here, not on a page for Untreed Reads chapbooks but (after you scroll past the initial listings for one “F B Dorr”) a list of twenty-some anthologies by various publishers, most of which (the exceptions are PRESIDENTIAL PULP and the nonfiction title) contain stories by me.  But as for whether or not these are discounted, as said already, finding out apparently would require having Smashwords’s coupon code to apply at checkout.


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