Pavlov’s Dogs Accepted for Second in Great Tomes Series, Contract Received

Well, talk about speed.  Tuesday’s email brought a missive from Bards and Sages Publishing, who we’ve already met in conjunction with THE GREAT TOME OF FORGOTTEN RELICS AND ARTIFACTS due out later this month with my story “The Candle Room” (see February 27, et al.).  But this wasn’t about “The Candle Room”; rather it contained an all-new contract, this for the second in the projected four-volume Great Tomes series, THE GREAT TOME OF DARKEST HORRORS AND New ImageUNSPEAKABLE EVILS.  I had indeed sent a story to it, but as far as I knew I hadn’t yet received a formal acceptance.  I had to remind myself, in fact, what the story was.

Stealth acceptance though, or original notice caught in the spam filter, with a bit of a search I found the call:  “Plots revolving around monsters, evil aliens, or otherworldly entities that serve as the antagonist for the story.  We will not consider stories in which the monster is the protagonist.  For purposes of this anthology, the monster or entity must be a wholly original concept to the story and not based on an existing ‘real world’ legend.”  And the story itself, like that for the first volume, was a reprint, this one originally published in GATEWAYS in Spring 1994, called “Pavlov’s Dogs.”

Confusion aside, an acceptance is an acceptance.  The story is one of a nerdly young man and his girlfriend Sairy and possible notions of world domination (or at least proving the power of science).  And the construction of a gigantic bell.  How are these connected?  Well, the contract will be in the mail and, if all goes as scheduled after that, THE GREAT TOME OF DARKEST HORRORS AND UNSPEAKABLE EVILS, with “Pavlov’s Dogs,” should be available to read by the end of June 2016.


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