Art House Horror — Another Movie List?

There’s something about February.  Bitter cold just a week ago, today it’s in the low 60s (though, alas, not to last very long).  But it’s also a month for lists of films, it seems, and what should I run into whilst perusing my email, following this month’s “S.C.I.F.I.” (you don’t want to know what i81LWWH22szL._SY550_t stands for, honest) writers group meeting at the county library — two Valentines Day appropriate stories discussed, as it happens — but, yes, another one.  And this also one where I’ve seen most of the entries myself, “13 Greatest Art-House Horror Films” on DREAD CENTRAL, by Erin Hoyles, courtesy of Mike Olson who we’ve met before via Facebook’s ON THE EDGE CINEMA.  Standard disclaimer:  it’s one compiler’s opinion, I might have chosen some differently myself, and also some of these come up on the list of Visually Stunning Horror Movies, below, for February 9.  But I’ll stand behind them being worth seeing, at least those I’ve seen (WARNING to even the slightly squeamish, though, beware of MARTYRS).

To enjoy, check here.


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