Flightless Rats Part of Mocha Memoirs Women in Horror Month Flash Contest (a Major Lagniappe)

February is Women in Horror Month, and we here at Mocha Memoirs Press love our ladies of horror!  In celebration of “Ghoul Power,” MMP is hosting a February Flash Fiction contest!  Flash fiction is quickly becoming popular on the eBook scene.  They’re super short pieces (usually less than 1000 words) that you can read on your phone, tablet, or eReader while you’re waiting your turn at the salon, stuck in traffic, or right before bed.  So here’s how it works:

The call went on to say stories had to be horror with a female point-of-view character, no more than 1000 words long, and in by a deadline of February 15.  Stories would then be posted on the Mocha Memoirs Press blog on the 17th, whereupon a panel of judges would choose the ten best, with voting for readers to choose from these to start next Tuesday, February 23.  There would be a prize for the MochaMemoirs_horrorthequebest, although not a big one, but nothing was said about sending in reprints (despite the fact that someone had asked in a “comments” section) so why not? I thought.  Authors “of all genders” could submit and the top ten tales would also be “featured in a promotional mini-anthology used to promote Mocha Memoirs Press.”

So I’ve been published by them before (cf. January 18 2016, October 28 2013, et al.; also November 18, 7, 4 2015) and, anyway, that which promotes them also helps promote me, so why not indeed?  Off I sent a more or less 950-word story, “Flightless Rats,” originally published January 12 2015 in T. GENE DAVIS’S SPECULATIVE BLOG (see August 24, January 12 2015, et al.), concerning the vampiress Aimée of the “casket girls” and a date gone bad on a 19th century, gas-lit New Orleans summer night.

But worry not, she could cope.

Anyway the word came Wednesday that the initial stories are up for preview viewing, for which one may press here.  “We had over twenty submissions and each one is more bone-chilling than the last!”  And mine is there, one of the later ones, possibly handicapped as it is labeled “Reprint” at the top (most of the others not being so noted, a quick glance tells me, meaning either they’re all originals or some of the authors may be more candid than others).

So call it a lagniappe, a pretty good freebie which Mocha Memoirs would like you to peruse, adding that you should take note of your favorites as “the top 10 stories (chosen by our own ladies of Horror) will be up for voting next week.”


  1. Remind me (or your readers) when we can vote. This a great Aimee story. Love the ending!

  2. Monday or Tuesday should be when the top 10 finalists are announced so, if it made the list, it’ll be posted here. (On the other hand, if it didn’t, it probably won’t 😦 )

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