Beauty of Death Takes Gold, Contract Received; “Tears” 25 Percent Off this Weekend Only in PMMP Sale

Independent Legions Publishing is seeking original horror stories in English language for the new eBook Anthology THE BEAUTY OF DEATH, edited by Alessandro Manzetti, to be published in April, BeautyofDeath2016.  Special Guests: Ramsey Campbell, Peter Straub and Poppy Z. Brite.

All types of horror are welcome.  Sex or violence in a story should be justified; no excessive gore.  We welcome all subgenres and forms of speculative fiction.

The call came at the end of December, for new stories from 4500 to 7500 words for what would amount to semi-pro rates, but oh! what “special guest” company they’d keep.  And as it happened, I had an older tale that I’d been neglecting marketing of late, one from my “H. Rider Haggard period” of adventure and exploration and lost South American native tribes guarding a mountain of . . . Gold.  And at about 6200 words, so what the heck, on January 9 I sent it in.  So Friday afternoon, just under two weeks later, the word came back with contract attached.  “I’m pleased to inform you that your story ‘Gold’ has been accepted to be part of the Anthology THE BEAUTY OF DEATH, to be published by Independent Legions Publishing in April/May 2016, in eBook Edition.”

Then one more report, to quote verbatim, from Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing late Friday evening:  We’ve decided to take advantage of the BLIZZARD OF DEATH* and offer our catalog at 25% off for the weekend. Now listen, we live in Texas. Obviously we have no idea what you’re going through (okay, I was raised in Indiana, so I have some idea). But that doesn’t mean we can’t feel bad for y’all. So why not buy some kickass books on the cheap? Sure, you might freeze to death this weekend, but at least you would have bought some cool books before doing it.

Also – if you buy a paperback of any title, you will be emailed the ebook files as well. That way, you at least have something to keep you company over the weekend.


My pup in this polar tempest is, for those who haven’t guessed yet, my Stoker(R) nominated short story collection THE TEARS OF ISIS, for more of which one can click on its picture in the center column.  Or, to see more from PMMP, one can also press here.

*No relation, other than being in the same post, to THE BEAUTY OF DEATH for more information on which, including guidelines, one can press here.   (Also so far here in Indiana the storm has missed us — though it is cold.)

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