SF Writers, Conspiracy Buffs: Secrets of Area 51 Revealed; Another Mammoth Royalty Deferred

Well, the idea is, we probably know most of them already or, with a little thought, at least can guess.  However, here it is now on the internet (which means, of course, that it must be true — otherwise saucer1it wouldn’t be allowed on the internet, right?) courtesy of UPWORTHY.COM, “4 Fascinating Things We Already Know about Area 51, and 1 Thing We Don’t.”  As author Jon Comulada puts it, “What many people don’t realize, however, is that thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, over the past few years, not only has Area 51 been officially recognized by the United States government, but a lot of information about it has already been revealed.”  In fact he even has a picture (via Google Maps), though which unsurprisingly shows rather little (to quote again:  “yes, I’ll admit it’d be cool to see inside those hangars.  But … even if you did, all saucer3 you’d probably see are a couple classified airplanes and helicopters alongside some government R&D contractors”).  But we still do know some things, for which press here.

Then back to the posh life of the writer, Tuesday brought another mammoth royalty payment — that makes two for the new year so far (cf. January 2), while a third is asking its writers to wait until returns come in from Amazon or someplace.  The total for this one is $0.35, but I elected to take the option of having it rolled over with payments from previous quarters (that is spring, summer, and fall of last year plus any prior to that) until it amounts to more than the publisher can stand to handle.


  1. Wow! Area 51 stuff we know — the U-2 was developed to spy on the Scottish Rock group, U-2! Giggled reading the article, thanks Jim! Oh, and that mammoth royalty — lordy, me. Perhaps the next one you get will be enough for a Forever stamp!

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