Octopuses (Again*) Take Number Two Spot on List of Intelligent Species

That’s aside from humans, of course, and Koko the gorilla is also taken as a given — the yardstick, in a way, by which the others are measured. And Wednesday, my cat, not very surprisingly isn’t on the list at all, though she is a smart cat (but they do have crows!).  But octo1what the heck, it’s fun to look through, and maybe lurking within could be a story idea or two.  Or not.  The article is “Five Other Animals that Are Almost as Smart as Humans” by Thom Dunn via THE UPWORTHY, for which to see for oneself click here.


*That is, for more on our eight-legged friends, see October 8 2015, while a close-up on their cousins, the squids, is practically just below (January 6).



  1. HiGHLY interesting. It takes a genius to open a jar of grape jelly, everyone knows that. Wonder what was in the jar that the octopus wanted?

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