First Contract of 2016 Signed and Mailed; Year’s First Mammoth Writing Payment Received

Two brief items for Saturday.  First I’d received the contract for my story “Chocolat” from Third Flatiron Publishing (cf. December 11, below) on New Year’s Eve which, today, I signed and put in the mail.  Third Flatiron does quarterly themed anthologies of which theyes100e one for spring, to be out in mid-February, is about small items with big consequences.  The title:  IT’S COME TO OUR ATTENTION.  And so my story, about a change in the European Union’s official definition of chocolate (this much is real!) and one horrific, if unlikely result.

And one more item, today I received the first of a probable string of several mammoth royalty payments for various past stories.  This one (I won’t say which publisher it’s from) arrived as a check for $0.68.  Yes, that’s sixty-eight cents — royalties for anthologies, for instance, get divided up among many authors.  But it’s the art, not the money that counts, right?  Or in any event, the writing life for the new year has begun.


  1. LOL! I was reading this about Mammoth payment received, stunned and impressed beyond description. I’m so pleased you’re in the collection –but thank the stars you are not having to live from royalty check to royalty check. After all, you have yourself and another mouth to feed! Feline, but still –!
    Congrats on IT’S COME TO MY ATTENTION, btw!

  2. In fact the 68 cents is a combined royalty for a stand alone short story plus one in an anthology. It is quarterly though so, with luck, I could clear nearly $3.00 by year’s end! (IT’S COME TO MY ATTENTION, on the other hand, pays up front, in this case $30 for a 500-word story which isn’t bad.)

  3. Indeed, a good start to the new year– mammoth check and all.

  4. Wow! That $30 for 500 words IS something to crow about! Huzzah!

  5. Bachard

    Spread jam on the cheque and send it back 🙂

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