It took two months from Kindle to its print edition, on December 21 by Amazon’s dating, but winging from there to my home mailbox, CORPUS DELUXE:  UNDEAD TALES OF TERROR (see December 22, October 28, et al.) arrived on New Year’s Eve.  Thus the last action of 2015, posted today, the first of 2016.  As for the book, my story in it, “River Red,” shares space with sixteen other short stories on ghosts and vampires and who knows what other no longer entirely alive things,  as well as a closing excerpt from a novel presumably to appear later from publisher Indy Authors Press.  I’ve only started to dip into it, but from the titles the tales seem quite corpus2interesting.  Also if I may say so myself, my own “River Red,” published originally in the Canadian professional anthology ESCAPE CLAUSE (Ink Oink Art Ink, 2009) and reprinted in THE TEARS OF ISIS, is itself worth the reading.

In honesty, though, I do have to admit to a few annoyances, perhaps indicative of a relatively inexperienced publisher.  For one,  the contents page lists the stories by title only, without the authors* — so if you’re like me and like to know which authors you might be familiar with already, you’ll just have to leaf through the book page by page.  And one thing that galls me specifically is an inconsistency in indicating prior publication of some (many?) of the stories.  The three preceding mine, for instance, have such attributions, but then mine doesn’t, even though the publisher did have the information.

That said, though, I am looking forward to some neat late-night reading, especially during the gloom of a new January’s winter.

*Weirdly, the author list wasn’t some kind of last-minute thing either, perhaps too late to send to the printer, as a contents listing with authors (albeit not in final order, and with one or two other glitches) was available at least seven weeks before.  See, e.g., the aforementioned post on this blog for October 28.


  1. Sorry to hear about the glitches. Not much you, the author can do about that now. Appears to be a bit of sloppy editorship on someone’s part. But I’m sure the stories are in tact and will be most enjoyable, Jim. 🙂

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