Who Needs Krampus, or, Is There a Killer Santa in Your Pre-Christmas Stocking?

Some of these we’ve seen before (cf. December 13, below), but what the heck, it’s already Christmas Monday!  So herewith, for your Yuletide run-up nightmare pleasure, by Katie Rife, “The night Santa went crazy:  18 killer Santas from TV and film” via AVCLUB.COM.  Kudos for this one to Wicked_St_NickMike Olson on Facebook’s ON THE EDGE CINEMA, and to see for yourself, one need but press here.

(My favorite, I think, may be number 13, 1999’s “Xmas Story” from FUTURAMA:   Xmas is now a holiday of fear after a Santa ’bot programmed to separate the naughty from the nice was recalibrated way too far on the “naughty” side in the year 2801.  With his sensors registering everyone he sees [except for Dr. Zoidberg] too naughty to live, the humans of the future spent their Xmas Eve indoors, singing carols with lyrics like, “You’d better not breathe, you’d better not move / You’re better off dead, I’m telling you, dude / Santa Claus is gunning you down.”)


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