10 Films to Peruse for Your Christmas Holiday Watching Pleasure

If it’s thematic weight, Oscar-worthy performances or richly textured visuals you’re after, then JACK FROST probably isn’t the film for you.  If in place of those loftier ideals, you’ll settle for a wise-cracking homicidal snowman, then step right up folks.  With zero pretension to anything other than the basest Z-movie thrills, this is awfulness to cherish, and awfulness it possesses in spades — but it’s about a giant killer snowman, so stop your griping.

So says Matthew Thrift of the 1997 movie JACK FROST (absolutely not to be confused with the Michael Keaton film a year later) in “10 Great Christmas Horror Films” via BFI FILM FOREVER.  That’s extra dark horror films, of course, jack-frost-1997-001-snowman-smiles-for-car-seat_0to in the compiler’s words “[d]eck the cinematic halls with boughs of blood-soaked holly.”  Some of the standards are there, to be sure, like BLACK CHRISTMAS, GREMLINS, and the 1972 TALES FROM THE CRYPT (the inspiration for 1984’s SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT, among others).  But there are others I’ve not seen myself such as Finland’s RARE EXPORTS or CALVAIRE from Belgium, so perhaps I’ll join you in watching some of these myself.*  To see the whole list, one need but press here.

The picture above, by the way, is also from 1997’s JACK FROST.


*In fact, I’ve just ordered British director Tom Shankland’s THE CHILDREN (number 9 on the list), promised to be delivered by December 22.


  1. Sounds fun –share your “review” of THE CHILDREN. I’m curious!

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