“Within this anthology,” so said the guidelines, “modern day witches and warlocks shape reality to their will.  Creatures of legend make back-alley deals under cover of darkness.  The city’s inhabitants encounter items and events imbued with mystic power.  Because cities have a life — a magick — all their own.”

Well the city here is Cambridge Massachusetts in the year 1958 and the mood is more noir, with Communists seen around every corner — at least by those who would call themselves patriots.  There are the “Minutemen” — self-styStreet-Magick2-194x300led “militias” — and a burgeoning John Birch Society.  This is, after all, only a few years after the Senate McCarthy hearings, and for a young Puerto Rican woman not exactly a time of tolerance for people who are seen as “different.”  The story, “Bottles” is in fact a reprint, originally published in CROSSINGS (Double Dragon, 2004) and, as I selected it later to be in my 2013 collection THE TEARS OF ISIS, I was suddenly struck by how little some things have changed.  Substitute Near-Eastern extremists for Communists, Mexican-Americans for . . . well, it occurred to me then as now that the story may deserve to be kept in circulation.

Oh yes, and one more thing about “Bottles” — this version of Cambridge has vampires in it.  But of a particularly Hungarian (and presumably anti-Communist) derivation.  Which all adds up to last evening’s email from Charles P. Zaglanis for Elder Signs Press (also editor of White Cat Publications’s AIRSHIPS & AUTOMATONS, cf. May 27 et al.) that “Bottles” has found an additional home in their anthology STREET MAGICK:  TALES OF URBAN FANTASY, currently set for fall 2016.  “Great story.  Please fill out and send back the contract and a bio.”

More to be reported here as it becomes known.


  1. Congrats Jim! an addtional holiday present for your readers, in due time!

  2. Marge, thanks, it is a nice warm ray for a cold December (though with the sun somewhat out, not too bad today).

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