Friday Dec. 4 Blurring the Line Author Interview Subject Is . . . Me

And here it is!  See November 26 for the first, in this case editor interview of the creators of BLURRING THE LINE, the anthology that explores the line between fictional and real life horror.  It has been published, at least electronically with print to follow, and so too the parade oblurringf daily (excepting weekends) author interviews has commenced.  And Friday, December 4, to end the first full week, the interviewee in the spotlight . . . c’est moi!

So check it out here for what I have to say about inspiration for my tale “The Good Work,” on Dickensian urchins hunting for witches; the meaning of horror; the number one best horror story and novel; and . . . UFOs?  Well, it seemed to make sense when I answered the question.  But remember, the page won’t go live until 10 a.m. Friday — and that will be Australian time (which, actually, should make it a lot earlier than where I’m writing from . . . but I could be wrong).

And should what you read pique interest a bit one can find out more about the anthology, or even buy it, by checking here (be sure to scroll down its first review to get a blow-by-blow look at the stories).


  1. Good interview! I advise everyone read it and find out what Jim thinks (seriously) about flying saucers. Also, BUY Tears of Isis and read Jims’ story, “Waxworms”. You will never be quite the same again!

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