The message actually came Friday from Editor L. Andrew Cooper, that the anthology of stories and poems about and/or inspired by film, REEL DARK:  TWISTED PROJECTIONS ON THE FLICKERING PAGE (see MAY 19, 4, et al.), will be coming out in a new edition.  Originally published by BlackWyrm Press, it is slated to Reel Dark COVER 050415pngcome out anew from Seventh Star Press in a likely expanded edition, including (hopefully) a couple of new stories and an all-new cover.  The rest of the contents aside from one or two corrections will remain unchanged.

My story in this is “Marcie and Her Sisters,” concerning a woman (and her sisters) who seem to have made some bad decisions about love and marriage and . . . zombies.  Or have they?  Publication is likely to be in early- to mid-2016, of which more here when it becomes known.


  1. Sounds very creepy and incredible, Jim!

    • Hi Marge! I think of “Marcie” as my ultimate “unreliable narrator” story and am kind of proud, though I wonder how others will take it. (One person in my writers group asked at the end of her critique, “So do zombies really exist?” I answered, “Look around you — what do you think?”)

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