How to Trick Devil Interviews Planned

The devil lures with sweet words and promises, do you fall for his trap or trick him instead?  Can you really have it all?  HOW TO TRICK THE DEVIL tells stories of trickery and deception; of monsters lurking in unexpected places; of the lengths we might go to get what we want.  Much more than your average deal-with-the-devil tale, the talented authors in this collection explore the motivations behind the choices we make, be it out of fear, greed, or desperation.  The trickster works in HTTTD Cover7-2confidence, never expecting the twists that just might tear his plans apart.  Evil is not always rewarded, but the hero does not always win.

So says the Amazon blurb, but what of the authors?  Well, along the way Editor Stephanie Buosi had put out a call, “I would love to post a small mini-series of interviews on my webpage in order to highlight the anthology, and the wonderful authors (you guys) who contributed.  I’m hoping to feature four or five interviews, so please let me know if this is something you would like to be a part of.”   I had agreed, and it happens today I received my questionnaire.

My part in this is a tale of a carnival’s sideshow denizens who decide to go out trick or treating one Halloween, titled “Lobster Boy and the Hand of Satan” (cf. October 14; September 29, 25, et al.), originally published some while back in CYBER PULP’S HALLOWEEN ANTHOLOGY 2.0 (Cyber Pulp, 2003).  But will I be able to remember the answers to such questions as “Where did the inspiration for such a story come?”  Possibly yes as I keep notes on stories in their file folders.  In any event, we can find out together — information will come on these pages when the interview is completed and set to be published.

And while we wait, in addition to Lulu and Erebus Press’s own site (see October 14), HOW TO TRICK THE DEVIL can now be found on Amazon too, for which one may press here.


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