Blurring the Line Set for November 26, Contributor Interviews to Follow

Among other activities on Halloween, I sent back an interview plus pictures, etc., to Alan Baxter for publicizing Cohesion Press’s upcoming anthology, BLURRING THE LINE, including my Victorian-set tale “The Good Work” (see July 13, March 23, February 7).  Now word has come back:  “Thanks to you all for getting the author interviews back to me so promptly  — we’re all in and well ahead of schedule. I have plenty of time now to create each post.  BLURRING THE LINE is due for release on 26th November, and I’ll be posting your interviews in the same order as the Table of Contents of the book, with Marty blurringYoung’s interview as editor going up first.”  These, Alan goes on to say, will appear one by one each weekday following the 26th, hopefully with subjects and friends helping to pass the word around, or, in Alan‘s own words, “[l]et’s hope this series of posts gives the book some extra exposure.”

This is the one that asks, “Do you really know what’s real and what isn’t?

“What we’re looking for:  BLURRING THE LINE . . . is seeking to blur the line between what is fiction and what is non-fiction.  We want horror stories, tales that are serious and frightening, hard-hitting and imaginative.  We want monsters; vampires and zombies and werewolves and the mummy and creatures from the Black Lagoon and giant killer plants and mutated ants and demons and devils and Mothmen and everything else you can think of or that hasn’t been thought of yet.  But we also want your serial killers and demented and depraved humanity. We want it all. Push your imagination and take us into the far reaches of your darkness, without letting go of reality.  Make us believe.”

And so “The Good Work” informs us of urchins in a Dickensian London with Christmas coming, which means that one must work extra hard to combat the witches — or what are believed to be witches — lest the season’s holiness be corrupted.  But did they really?

Watch this space and, with luck, by the end of the month there should be some links to help one find out.


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