And Now for Something Completely Different?

This is from 10BADHABITS.COM courtesy of Robert Dunbar via Literary Darkness on Facebook.  In the words of its author, Justin Howe:  “Here are twelve weird books to get you through the year until next Halloween.  They’re not all horror, but screen-shot-2015-10-08-at-11-39-50-pmthey’re all certainly weird.  And if they’re not enough for you, you can always dip into the weird world of old whaling ship logs to hold you over.”  For the whaling ship logs he provides a link, and they may be interesting in themselves (cf. sample page provided here); for the twelve weird books I can’t really say because I don’t believe I’ve read any myself, although there are several I think I’ll look into.  The title is “A Year of the Weird:  12 Weird Books,” and to see for yourself one need only press here.


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