Writers Guild, Last Sunday Poetry Strikes Again

And comes the last Sunday of the month and time again for the Bloomington Writer’s Guild’s Last Sunday Poetry Reading (cf. May 31, et al.).  This one was a little different, though, in that, rather than individual poets being spotlighted, this month had a local poetry reading and critique group, The Free Range Poets, as its “featured reader.”  Or at least a subset, consisting of Suzanne Sturgeon, Ian Woollen, Jack King, Jerry Smith, and Judy Lafferty Beerman each giving several samples of their work.  This was followed by the more usual open mike session, again coincidentally consisting of five readers of which I, fourth in the lineup, read — with a special nod to Halloween — three poems just out in the current issue of NOTHING’S SACRED (of which I have received a .pdf preview, to be followed soon by a print copy; see also June 24), “The Vampire’s Excuse,” “The Vampire Reflects,” and “Necropolis.”  In all, an enjoyable afternoon accompanied, outside, by not-too-cold weather and some of the most brilliant autumn foliage in several years.


  1. Sounds grand, Jim. I wish I could have heard your “nod to Halloween” reading.

  2. Ah, but it can be read in NOTHING’S SACRED. Oddly, though, my reading wasn’t quite as well received as I’d anticipated, I think now perhaps because the “Free Range” people were new to these sessions and didn’t know quite what to expect. That is, while I mentioned Halloween, had I also said I wrote on horror subjects, they might have been better prepared (rather than thinking “Wait a minute, what’s this stuff about vampires?”) And since these readings might field around a dozen people, a bloc of five is a significant portion. But what the heck — on the other hand, one of my best receptions was when I read “Preverts” (copied here someplace below — the post with the picture of a city bus), which I’d brought but not planned to read until two of the featured poets had also read socially relevant material so i figured attendees would be relatively prepared (even if “Preverts” might still be a bit over the top).

  3. Well, a quick search on “Preverts” in the box above takes me to Sept. 29 2014.

  4. “Preverts” was well prepped and they loved it (a somewhat different audience though, and a bit larger as I recall)! The trouble with “Preverts” though is it’s so local, and even then needs context explained. that’s it’s pretty well unpublishable anywhere other than the bloggie. 😉

  5. Oh! Now I remember “Preverts” was about the bathrooms in your bus depot and the clerk/man in charge didn’t want public bathrooms because of what the “preferts” who travel by buses do in public bathrooms. Everyone knows that. Everyone knows that is a silly reason not to have bathroom facilites. Right?

  6. I, for one, never saw anything going on in the ladie’s room –and believe me I would need a public restroom when I ride the bus. I’ve heard that bathrooms on the buses are rather nasty and germy.

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