So began the call from Bards and Sages Publishing:  “THE GREAT TOMES Series will feature short fiction and novella length works within the speculative genres.  Each installment in the series will surround a specific theme.  The series will begin publication in 2016.”  The pay wasn’t much but reprints were welcome.  And the first anthology was to be THE GREAT TOME OF FORGOTTEN RELICS AND ARTIFACTS.

Why not, thought I, and off I sent the 4900-word “The Candle Room,” initially published in the Summer 1995 edition of TERMINAL FRIGHT and also appearing in my collection (ah, now), THE TEARS OF ISIS.  That is, if the latter credit then appears in THE GREAT TOME with it, perhaps it may move those who enjoy the story to take a look at THE TEARS OF ISIS too.

So goes the theory.

Be that as it may, the good news came today from Editor Julie Ann Dawson.  “Thank you for the submission.  We would like to include this in the anthology.”  More information will be coming later.

In addition, for fellow writers, THE GREAT TOME OF FORGOTTEN RELICS AND ARTIFACTS is still open as far as I know till the end of the month, October 31.  And after that there will also be new volumes in the series opening, so, again, while the money’s not huge, it is a way to get one’s works farther disseminated.  More information from Bards and Sages can be found here.

And for readers, here is the blurb on “The Candle Room” that the guidelines asked be sent with submissions:  “An antique, strangely shaped candle, when used in ritual candle magic transports a woman  to a different-dimensional world.  The narrator must follow to rescue her and, in the process, possibly save the Earth as well.”

  1. wonderful news, Jim! Enjoyed that story a lot!

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