Indianapolis Center for Ray Bradbury Studies Introduction

For better or for worse I’ve always considered Ray Bradbury a major source of inspiration in my own writing.  So today’s email brought an report from Indiana University Purdue University at Indianapolis’s Center for Ray Bradbury Studies on their recently ended exhibit, MBradburyiracles of Rare Device:  Treasures of the Center for Ray Bradbury Studies, which “featured art and artifacts from the Bradbury Memorial Archive housed at IUPUI.  The exhibit ran from August 3 to August 28 in the IUPUI Campus Center Cultural Arts Gallery and was visited by nearly one thousand people during the month.  The August 28 reception and lecture by Bradbury Center director, Dr. Jonathan R. Eller, drew over a hundred attendees, both local and out-of-state.”

Included was a link to a video tour of the exhibit conducted by Director Eller (pictured above) which can be found here.  Also, for more information on the Center in general, one can press here.


  1. This is very good to hear. when it became news that they were auctioning off all his treasures –many fans (including me) were so shocked and saddened.

  2. Much of this comes via a bequest and subsequent donation plus another donation from Bradbury’s family, I understand. Just about a year ago I posted some more information on the IUPUI Center, just then being established, on November 20 2014. Also I understand there’s another major collection, again from a donation, at the Waukegan (Illinois — Bradbury’s original hometown) Public Library. .

  3. I must have missed that or forgotten. Thanks for letting us know.

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