Trick the Devil to Publish October 16; Cover Revealed for Corpus Deluxe

Stephanie Buosi, of Erebus Press, has announced a release date for HOW TO TRICK THE DEVIL (see September 9, August 8, et al.) in just three weeks, October 16.  She also points out that this will be the publisher’s debut anthology, with more projects to come.  My tale in this one is of carney life (and possible death) titled “Lobster Boy and the Hand of Satan.”  As for more on the book as a whole, to quote the back cover:

The devil lures with sweet words and promises, do you fall for his trap or trick him instead?  Can you really have it all?

HOW TO TRICK THE DEVIL tells stories of trickery and deception; of monsters lurking in unexpected places; of the lengths we might go to get what we want.  Much more than your average deal-with-the-devil tale, the talented authors in this corpus2collection explore the motivations behind the choices we make, be it out of fear, greed, or desperation.

The trickster works in confidence, never expecting the twists that just might tear their plans apart.  Evil is not always rewarded, but the hero does not always win.  

Then in other news, I’ve just received a cover image for CORPUS DELUXE: UNDEAD TALES OF TERROR , for which one need only look up to the right.  My offering in CORPUS DELUXE is a “Tombs” series story called “River Red,” of which see yesterday’s post directly below.

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