The Other First Responders on 9-11; “Curious” Acceptance for It’s About Time

Kenneth A. Gunther, President and CEO of the Independent Community Bankers of America, said, “The Federal Reserve’s response on September 11th ensured a fully functioning payments system when the private sector could not….  The Fed’s dual roles [as provider of services and regulator of the payments system] are an essential element of the ongoing homeland security of the United States.”

[a true story]  Weirdly, I had written a story in March 2001 inspired in part by the October 12 2000 attack on the destroyer USS Cole in Yemen’s Aden harbor, about the interconnectedness of worldwide financial systems and how they, just as the interconnected alliances in 1914 turned a single relatively unimportant political assassination into World War I, could result in a terrorist attack on a New York-like US city.  On September 11 that year it was being looked at by GOTHIC.NET and I, feeling it perhaps a bit tasteless given that day’s events, considered withdrawing it.  Others, thankfully, not realizing my inspiration didn’t make the same connection — or if they did, still didn’t consider the story inappropriately prescient — and so it was published, titled “King Rat,” in GOTHIC.NET on March 11 2002.  (“King Rat” has subsequently been published in my Dark Regions Press collection DARKER LOVES:  TALES OF MYSTERY AND REGRET in 2007 and Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing’s 2013 anthology BLEED, profits from the latter going to the National Children’s Cancer Society.)

Be that as it may, there is an even more intriguing story about what really happened to the international finance system, via the US Federal Reserve, on “9-11” and the days that followed — and how perhaps the whole world was saved from a financial meltdown by (are we ready for this?) heroic bankers.  Which brings the question, are economics proper fodder for science fiction/horror?  I myself am interested in the economic underpinnings of the worlds I create in my fiction, and so I found this real-life account, “The Astonishing Story of the Federal Reserve on 9-11” by bunnygirl60 (that is, financial writer Arliss Bunny), to be fascinating.  If you would be inclined to agree (or even if not), you can find the skinny, courtesy of DAILYKOS.COM, by pressing here.

Then, in comparatively trivial news, I received word today from MAIN STREET RAG Editor M. Scott Douglass that a reprint story, “Curious Eyes,” originally published in THE FICTION PRIMER in December 1988, has been accepted for their anthology IT’S ABOUT TIME.  “’It’s about time.’  When you hear that phrase, what comes to your mind?  A parent or a spouse, arms crossed, foot tapping, watching as someone sneaks in at night?  Or do you see a calendar, its days or weeks flapping.  Maybe you see time extending into an imagined future, something yet to be understood or experienced.”  More information to be forthcoming.


  1. I’m looking forward to your forthcoming information, Jim! most interesting –as well, the question, “It’s about time..” and for me, “it’s about time…” for me to shut off the computer for tonight!

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