Splatterlands, Grey Matter Press Sale through September 11

Another day, another deal.  This one’s from publisher Grey Matter Press and is good for 40 percent off — that’s forty percent — all paperback titles through this Friday, September 11th in exchange for keying in the discount code 2NDANNIVERSARY when checking out.  The occasion, as the announcement put it:  “Two years ago today, in 2013, Grey Matter Press released its first volume of dark fiction, DARK VISIONS:  A Collection of Modern Horror — Volume One. That volume went on to be nominated for the prestigious Bram Stoker Award® for Superior Achievement in an Anthology only five months later.  . . .  And today, in celebration of our five year anniversary, fiction fans can fill their Labor Day Weekend with dark thoughts while saving 40% off the trade paperback cover price of not only our first Stoker-facebook_cover_GuyFawkes40nominated volume [but] any other volume in the Grey Matter Press catalogue of exceptional fiction.”   But it’s for one week only, starting Saturday September 5 and ending Friday September 11, so now’s the time to decide, and buy.

My romp in this roundup is a single story in a single volume, SPLATTERLANDS (see, e.g., February 1, January 28 2015; August 27 2014; November 22 2013), which, to quote the publisher’s blurb, “reawakens and reimagines the hypertensive writing style and controversial themes indicative of the original Splatterpunk movement.  Containing the work of some of the freshest voices of our modern time, it is an anthology of deeply intelligent short stories whose extreme themes and graphic depictions of violence and terror are intended to have a lasting effect for years to come.”  So get a literary history lesson as well as a great read!  My own tale is one of working-class aspirations and love betrayed titled “The Artist,” or, as reviewer L.D. Johnson of SPLATTER CAFÉ put it early this year, “[t]his brilliantly written tale is about a man who loves his art and his wife, but his wife, unable to comprehend the beauty of art starts to drift away and into another man’s arms.  A sculptor of meats, Vince creates these wonderful meat sculptures for dinner parties and banquets.  Dorr’s elegant writing of this twisted tale settles deeply into my psyche.  He turns the act of revenge into a work of art with Vince’s final masterpiece.  It will be his greatest creation ever!”

And hence, somewhat of the theme as well of my own Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing collection THE TEARS OF ISIS, of art and destruction, for which see two posts below, September 4, for its own Labor Day discount of 20 percent — but only through the holiday itself.  (So okay, I’m pimping, but if I don’t who will?)  Or for SPLATTERLANDS and other Grey Matter Press titles for the whole week, and at 40 percent off, press here.


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