King Kong/Fay Wray Romance on Grievous Angel — a Lagniappe

The word came Friday even though it had been up for a couple of days: “On the Other Hand” (cf. July 26, March 30), my poem30AugGrievousAngel on why the tragic romance between King Kong and Ann Darrow, a.k.a. Fay Wray, could never have worked out, is up and alive with three other poems by poets Annie Neugebauer, John Reinhart, and Miki Dare on GRIEVOUS ANGEL.  GRIEVOUS ANGEL is the poetry and flash fiction division of British editor Charles Christian’s URBAN FANTASIST, for which this week’s manifestation can be found by clicking here.  Also the poem’s title, “On the Other Hand,” is a tip of the hat to actress Wray who made that the title of her autobiography which, in turn, begins with a letter of forgiveness addressed to Kong.


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