Ill-Considered Expeditions, Andromeda’s Children Arrive

As all expeditions must come to an end, ILL-CONSIDERED EXPEDITIONS (see August 28, et al.) and, a few days ago, ANDROMEDA’S CHILDREN (August 25, et al.) arrived at my mailbox.  Rescued from its darkest interior, both have proved to be 1illCionsideredbeautiful books and, at least to the extent I’ve gotten into them, promising reads.  My stories are “Ice Vermin,” mapping never-before explored parts of early Twentieth Century Siberia, for the former and “Golden Age,” of preserving longevity in the near future, in the latter.

Both can be found on Amazon now, for which for EXPEDITIONS (“a voyage of discovery for all concerned as successive teams of hapless explorers fall foul of the elements and monstrosities lurking in shadowy caves, hidden temples, icy tombs and even alien planets”) click here, and for ANDROMEDA’S CHILDREN (“a timeless mix of traditional, modern and comic visions that explore what makes us human — or not”) here.


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