Just a Quick Note: For the Very Fast, the Once Bitten Book Launch

Well it’s actually been out for some time as we know (cf. just below, August 11, 10), I’ve even received a .PDF copy through Editor Steve Lewis’s kindness, but for those who’d enjoy a virtual party, the ONCE BITTEN Book Launch Facebook gala proceeds as we speak. To join in the fun, one need but press here. But best be quick about it, it probably will end at midnight or so, and 1ceBittenthat’s British time which will make it even earlier here!

One will probably even have to supply one’s own ice cream and cake, but for one small surprise, herewith repeated a “sample” post I dropped off at the party, a micro-excerpt from my story “Bernice” (cf. below, August 11, 10):

The sun suddenly shone, peeping out between clouds. The autumns, and late summers too, had been damp of late, the winters snowy, which Bernice would say was a side effect of global warming. He would nod at her those times. “Perhaps,” he would tell her.

He heard the minister clear his throat again, thought better of the kiss, and started to lift himself when something gleamed. Just for a moment, some motion, some thing in the shadowed space between the white, ruffled satin pillow and Bernice’s shoulder.

A mouse in the coffin?

Interested? For more information (and, perchance, to buy?), one may check here.


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