More on Poe, Once Bitten, and a Lady Named Bernice

Kudos to Steve Lewis (see just below) who, at my request, has just sent Kindle-less me a .pdf for my author’s copy of the electronic version of ONCE BITTEN.  Many thanks!  But also it occurred to me that I hadn’t mentioned yesterday that my story “Bernice” was a reprint, as noted in the earlier of the prior posts I cited, nor that there was another, yet older post about the story in its initial incarnation.  Plus a bit more about Poe as a muse — at least sometimes for me!

So, once again to the wayback machine to December 27 2011. . . .

Once upon a time I wrote two stories inspired by works of Edgar Allan Poe.  The first, “Merryl,” which tips its hat to “Ligeia” has just been published in the anthology IN POE’S SHADOW (see Oct. 29, et al.).  Today the second, “Bernice,” which mixes the teeth of Poe’s “Berenice” (note European spelling) with swarms of rodents and a cat named Cher (“a black, sleek, slinky cat — next year he thought he might get a tom so she could have kittens”), arrived in my mailbox in the Fall issue of INHUMAN.  INHUMAN, a.k.a. ALLEN K’S INHUMAN, is edited and illustrated by Allen Koszowski, an artist of surreal and horror subjects for about as many years as I’ve been writing.  In fact we first met when we were paired as author and illustrator in WRITERS OF THE FUTURE, VOL. VIII, way back in 1992 with a story of mine called “Subterranean Pests.”  The illustration he did for that was of zombie moles; the one for “Bernice” is of killer mice.

“And the beat goes on.”

And thus a bit more about “Bernice” as well, to perhaps whet appetites?


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