Bernice, Once Bitten Out from Britain’s KnightWatch Press

Ah, those British!  The acceptance for this one came late on Edgar Allan Poe’s birthday and was announced here the morning after — or at least the day after:  My story “Bernice” was to be published in KnightWatch Press’s anthology ONCE1ceBitten BITTEN (see February 3, January 20).  “Think of love turned sour, or love that works well in extraordinary circumstances,” said the guidelines.  “As long as it combines a thematic element of love in a horror story, that’s all we ask.”  And hence my tale, itself very loosely based on Edgar Allan Poe’s (aha!) “Berenice” (the old-timey, sometime English spelling, with an extra “e”), of lost love and non-vampire women . . . and teeth.

Today’s email brought word from Editor Steve Lewis that ONCE BITTEN is now available on Amazon in print and Kindle. To sample the blurb:  “While the bright light of day banishes lesser horrors, it only makes love gone wrong stand out all the more. When that love is driven by the demented, the unnatural and the straight-out evil, the bright light of day might be the last thing you need.  Or see.  In Once Bitten, 15 authors show us that the sweetest of emotions, mixed with a touch of darkness and more than a hint of the supernatural, can be a bitter, bitter cup from which to drink.”

To see for yourself, or perchance to order, one need but press here.


  1. Bachard

    “love … driven by the demented”. Story of my life. 😉 Great cover. And the editor’s name rings a bell

  2. Ah, yes, “the demented. . . .” : )=

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