Devilish Doings: Lobster Boy Accepted for Erebus Press Anthology

It sounded interesting, if not high paying, and reprints were okay.  The title is HOW TO TRICK THE DEVIL, but stories didn’t have to be literally about Satan.  “Deception plays a large role in folklore, fairy tales and mythology.  The hero will often use trickery to best their opponents, marry the princess, win treasure, or achieve the upper hand.  Many tr2erebuspressicksters end up with happy endings — think Hansel and Gretel, or Puss in Boots — but sometimes they only find punishment or loss.”  So said the guidelines.

“Dark fairy tales, bizarre, horror, surrealism, dark science-fiction and steam punk are all cool here.”

So I sent them a reprint originally published in CYBER PULP’S HALLOWEEN ANTHOLOGY 2.0 (Cyber Pulp, 2003 — also in WELCOME TO YOUR NIGHTMARE:  AN ANTHOLOGY OF SCARY STORIES, cf. October 13 2013), “Lobster Boy and the Hand of Satan,” a saga of scams and carnival “trick-or-treat” connivers, for which the answer came today from Editor Stephanie Buosi:  “I am pleased to inform you that we have accepted your short story ‘Lobster Boy,’ to be included in Erebus Press’s upcoming anthology. . . .”

It may not be much, but, hey, an acceptance is an acceptance.  And this one could be fun.


  1. Good going, Jim! Yes, definitely –an acceptance is an acceptance! Bravo!

  2. Thank, Marge. It ends a sort of dry spell too — while there were signings of contracts, etc., last month, I don’t think I had a single thing accepted. (Incidentally, if you had the urge to, “Fiction Addiction” might qualify for this one too. 😉 )

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